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Case Study: Sophie's custom made veil

The case study below should describe the process of how a real life WBMS client bought a customed made veil over Skype from America and picked it up in Sydney.

Client Name: Sophie
Case Study: Design a veil with cap for a boho bride
Total Amount of Appointments: 3. Each Appointments: 45minutes - 1 hour.
Fabrics: Chantilly Lace, English Tulle
First Bridal Appointment. Time: 45 min
Client’s sister made an appointment to visit our showroom. The first meeting was done over Skype Video with client’s sister present. Over a mobile phone, bride in San Francisco was able to attend a bridal appointment. Client described what she wanted very clearly with a little help from reference images. We described the process of how the veil will be achieved and showed client some lace swatches. Client was happy to go ahead with the order, signed the contract and paid in full. Since client was not able to physically get measured. We instructed her on how to take measurements for the veil cap via Skype.
First Bridal Fitting. Time: 45 min
Client returned to Sydney one week before her wedding. She came in for a fitting and the veil fit well. Minor alterations were required to ensure cap was slightly tighter.
Second Bridal Fitting. Time: 45 min
Bride came in for one last fitting with her veil and dress.
She was very pleased with the results.
Photo: Client at her final bespoke veil fitting.

Photo Below: Client very pleased with the veil



Case Study - Dominica's Bridal Gown

The case study below should provide you with a brief description of how a real life WBMS bride got her mother’s wedding dress restructured for her own wedding.

Client Name: Dominica
Case Study: Update Dominica’s mother’s wedding dress to reflect Dominica’s personal style. Dominica likes Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and wanted to update her own gown to include sleeves and neckline similar to Middleton’s gown.
Total Amount of Fittings: 6 fittings. Each fitting: 45minutes - 1 hour.
Fabrics: Tulle, Embroidery lace, taffetta
Silhouette: Ball gown.
Dominica’s sister previously got something made from WBMS.
After thorough research, Dominica decided to work with WBMS to update her mother’s wedding gown into her own. She wanted a lace bodice with sleeves inspired by Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Designer Helen Constance  also suggested that a tulle skirt be added to the gown for a modern ball gown finish. 
Gown is perfect size for Dominica. Bodice and sleeves are a little dated. The skirt is not full enough for a ball gown silhouette.  Inner skirt needed updating to a pencil style.
Since Dominica likes the neckline and sleeves of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, we prepared the bodice to become a sweet heart shape and added lace. We must Remove 3-d flowers in order to reconstruct the bodice. 3-d Flowers to be appliqued on when new bodice is complete.
First Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
Dominica came in and tried on the gown. We assessed the gown condition and workmanship. Since it is still in very good condition, we could go ahead and begin planning the reconstruction.
Second Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
Dominica met with Helen to visit lace wholesaler to pick a suitable lace for her wedding gown bodice. The trip was fruitful and we found the perfect lace for her wedding gown.
Photo: The inner taffeta skirt had to be slim-lined more like a pencil skirt.
Third Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
Calico was used to make a toile of the bodice and skirt. This toile forms the pattern for the new bodice and skirt. With this toile pattern we are able to cut out the new lace bodice and skirt for construction.
Photo: Calico toile was created on Dominica to form a pattern for new lace bodice.
Fourth Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
Dominica tried on the new lace bodice and sleeves attached to the skirt. Pencil skirt with gathered tulle was worn inside the taffeta overskirt. Additional gather tulle was place on the side of the hips under the taffeta skirt to create a fuller ball gown silhouette.
Photo: Dominica wearing toile with tulle pencil skirt.
Fourth Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
Lace applique was hand sewn onto the neckline of front and back to create a feminine and delicate finish. The bodice fits perfectly.
Photo: Bodice fits perfectly. The neckline is hand finished with lace applique.
Fifth Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
The bodice fits perfectly. We need to determine where to put in the zip and pearl buttons. Sleeves still needed to be slim lined.
Photo: The sleeves needed to be slim-lined. Fitting was required to determine how much weight Dominica lost before her wedding.
Sixth Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
Dominica looks amazing in her bodice and gown. Centre back fit well and she was happy with her pearl buttons details. #d Flowers previously removed from her mother’s wedding gown was now re-appliqued on by hand onto the taffeta skirt near the waist. The dress is finally complete!
Photo: Sleeves slim-lined. The original 3-d flowers and pearls were re-appliqued onto the taffeta skirt.
Photo: Pearl buttons and bustle buttons and loops were added onto the back of skirt.
Photo: Dominica on her wedding day wearing a reconstructed wedding dress from her mother’s bridal gown.
Dominica’s Testimonial for WBMS Bridal;
Helen Constance and Roderick Ng created my dream dress from my mum's own beautiful dress. With their efforts, we have created a tradition that will be treasured by generations to come.

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