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Case Study - Natalie's Bridal Gown

With so much technological innovation and devices in our world, it is reassuring to know that when it comes to buying your bridal gown, there are still people like WBMS Bridal offering you unique experience and personal service. The case study below should describe the process of how a real life WBMS bride gets her gown made. The case study should also provide you a succinct understanding of the process without getting too caught up in the technical jargons and methods of construction.

Client Name: Natalie 
Case Study: Design a beautiful bridal gown that is both flattering to Natalie's figure and complementary to her personal taste. Natalie requested for a gown style that is both timeless, minimal in aesthetic and pays homage to a Jessica Rabbit style silhouette.
Total Amount of Fittings: 6 fittings. Each fitting: 45minutes - 1 hour.
Fabrics: Duchess Satin, Tutti-tulle, horse hair trim and silk cotton lining.
Silhouette: Modern Mermaid
Natalie has been a client and friend of WBMS for more than 8 years.
She first started ordering performance show pieces for then Entertainment girl group RAEN. Having worked with Helen Constance from WBMS for so many years and touring UK with Constance’s designs, it was only natural Natalie would order a bridal gown from Helen. Helen understood her sense of style, character and needs.
First Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
When Natalie came in with her mum, Anna, Natalie was presented with a few gown options to try on. They both fell in love with two calico samples Helen had been working on. For over a month now, Helen has been working on new bridal gown styles for the next year. Since these samples are from our WBMS bridal research & development department (R & D), they were a work in progress. Sample garments, made in calico cotton, provided a practical yet visual description of the gown Natalie wanted. She tried on both and decided on mixing the bodice of one gown with the skirt hem of another. Voila! A new gown was proposed and created just for Ms. Streat.

Natalie like the wavy skirt of the above style, but prefers the torso and back of the below style.


For a more minimalist aesthetic she opted for a smoother texture and went with a Duchess Satin as the main fabric with an ivory mesh for the torso yoke. Having decided what she wanted, Natalie paid her deposit of 60%, had her measurements taken, and booked in for her first calico fitting for the following week.
First Calico Fitting. Time: 1hr
At her first calico fitting. She was all smiles when she tried on calico toile made just for her. During fitting, we learnt that the under bust seam line had to be raised and after consultation with Helen, both agreed the neckline had to be raise as well. Pins and pencil marks were made on the toile (garment sample) for further iteration.

Second Calico Fitting. Time: 1hr
In the second fitting, we notice side bust shape needs more darting. It is not unusual brides drop weight throughout subsequent fittings. A combination of excitement and anxiety as a result of the up coming event sometimes cause weight to change.  We need to dart out the excess area on the side of Natalie’s bust to provide more support and shape.

Third Calico Fitting. Time: 1hr
In the third fitting, notice side bust is now smoother and has more shape and support. However, darts are still needed at the centre front bust seam line to provide more shape and support to centre front of bust. As you change one part of the bust shape (e.g the side), another section gets affected, so continuous fittings are often required for shaping the garment around the curvature of the bust.

Fourth Calico Fitting. Time: 1hr
We have now arrived at the fourth fitting. Notice the bust is not shaped and has great support with built in cups. The waist is cinched at the smallest part of her body giving her greater fit and the neckline is at her ideal depth. Since  length of the skirt is accurate from the first fitting, we are not ready to go on fabric. Multiple fittings gives Natalie confidence that all the required changes and fitting issues are ironed out before we cut the dunchess satin and make up her final gown.


Satin Dress Fitting. Time: 1hr
Fifth Fitting The gown fits well, we provide you a glimpse of the back view to see how the centre back fits. The zip is sometimes not inserted till closer to the wedding date, this allow the bride the flexibility for minor adjustments should she lose more weight due to excitement and stress from everyday life.
This fitting lets us learn some minor adjustments are still required to the side seams. Now we can take care of this and add the see-through mermaid skirt to the dress. A quick glance of the mermaid skirt is presented below
Final Fitting. Time: 1hr
A final fitting with Natalie helped address any last minute questions and queries regarding her bridal gown. She was very pleased with the outcome after zip has been put in and mermaid skirt was sewn together. At her request, Natalie picked up her gown a few days before her wedding.
Through the wedding dress design process, Natalie has also ordered seven bridesmaids dresses from WBMS. Natalie met with Helen Constance to approve all the bridemaids dresses in the beginning and at the final fitting for the maids. Photos below shows Natalie at her wedding with her pretty bridemaids, of course her lovely gown.


She is seen below with Designer, Helen Constance, on her very special day. 
Natalie’s  5 stars Google review for WBMS
"The team at Weddings by Master/slave made my custom designed gown an exciting & wonderful experience. Their wisdom & attention to detail created a trend setting design, that makes me feel like a modern day princess !"

Guide to Choose Your Perfect Bridal Dress

A must read for all bride-to-bes.

Since your childhood you have fantasized about your perfect man as a knight riding in a white horse! And now when you are all set to walk down the aisle, you are more nervous than you thought you would be.
The thought about an ill-fitting wedding dress or the fear of splurging on outrageously expensive dress is troubling you day and night. Discussion with family and friends is not helping either. Probably you need something better, may be an expert's advice!
Shopping for a wedding dress can turn out to be really tiring, if you do not have a clear idea of the exact dress you want. However, do not worry. Little bit of research will help you select the right bridal gown.
Here is a lowdown on the guidelines that will help you -
1. What’s your budget?
Decide the budget before you start shopping. Nowadays most brides wear a separate gown for the reception party. If you also have a similar idea on mind, take into consideration the expense of two dresses.
2. What type of dress will complement your figure?
You are plus size? No worries! We offer plus size ladies lots of fabulous styles. You don’t have to wear a dress that hides your flaws, let our designer help you highlight your strengths. Also, don’t just follow fashion trends blindly. You don’t have to wear an off shoulder wedding gown like the one that Katie Holmes wore (BTW it was a custom Valentino gown). If something doesn’t complement your figure – try something else. If you are short then opt for the trumpet style dress. Go for long fitted gowns if you have a tall and hourglass figure.

3. What’s the wedding theme? What’s the weather?
Ask yourself this question before you step into any bridal shop. If you are having a beach wedding, choose a breezy wedding dress.  If it’s summers, choose lightweight fabrics like chiffon and light chantilley lace. Remember along with style, you also need to prioritize comfort. After all you do not want to walk the aisle sweating in a heavy bridal dress right?

4. How about accessories?
Do not go over-the-top while buying accessories. This is a common mistake which most brides do. Remember - You are a bride not a Christmas tree! For a simple bridal dress wear a birdcage veil. With a strapless wedding gown wear a vintage pendant. If it’s a white gown then avoid gold accessories. Instead opt for platinum or pearl. Again for accessories, comfort rule applies. If you are not comfortable wearing danglers then opt for little stud earrings.
Last but not the least – don’t panic. Panic shopping often leads to purchases that are anything but right for you! Speak to an expert and let us help you select your dream wedding gown.