We provide superior quality alterations & deluxe dryclean services for all styles of bridal gowns. This may include lace bridal gowns, beaded bridal gowns, vintage wedding dress, and other detailed wedding gowns. Prices for wedding dress alterations and dryclean are quoted on an individual basis to ensure accuracy. Please book a consultation with our expert designer. With your consultation, we recommend that you bring your wedding dress, relevant undergarments and shoes to try on with your bridal gown. Our designer will offer you professional advice on how best to maximise the potential of your bridal gown. An accurate quote will be presented to you for consideration after the appointment and should you wish to proceed, bridal alteration fee is collected in full before work commences.

Bridal Gown Alterations Cost: No wedding dresses are alike, but as a general guide it is not unusual to expect to pay between AUD500 - AUD2000 for bridal gown alterations in Sydney, this may include a professional bridal gown pressing before your big day. Beaded, crystals, 3-D embellishments and embroidered wedding gowns may incur higher charges due to the laborious craftsmanship required and the delicate nature of this kind of work. Call for a bridal gown alterations appointment now: 02-95578042 .

Do you have a vintage gown or your mother's original gown you wish to customise for your own wedding?
WBMS bridal has over one decade of experience in couture design and creation. We can customise your gown while preserving the original integrity of your family heirloom. Our superior technique and workmanship will ensure your finished garment satisfies both your aesthetic vision and stands the test of time. 


Dominica (Real Bride)'s Testimonial - Helen Constance and Roderick Ng created my dream dress from my mum's own beautiful dress. With their efforts, we have created a tradition that will be treasured by generations to come. Click to read more Testimonials

What is a garment assessment report?
Have you bought a gown that is not fit for purpose? Getting married this weekend and the gown doesn't fit or the workmanship is questionable? 
Our clients inform us that good service and high quality workmanship in bridal fashion couture and garment production in Australia is difficult to find.
We are sorry if you have encountered this experience. To assure you, you are not alone, every day WBMS Bridal gets phone calls, emails and clients informing us that they have been let down and their gowns arrived in the post not fit for purpose. Or that you spent a fortune at a reputable outlet only to scolded when you question the retailer's quality. We have written many case studies to show you that you are not alone and that we are here to assist you.

Do you need an independent report produce by a professional couture expert on the quality of your garment? Contact WBMS Bridal now for an independent assessment of your garment, Tel: 02-95578042 E: info@masterslave.com.au 

All other fashion alteration prices are provided below as a guide only.

Book a consultation for bridal alterations

Price guide for Non-Bridal related Alterations.


Shorten leg $20 
Shorten leg with Tape $32 
Shorten leg with cuffs $38 
Shorten leg with cuffs & tape $43 
Lengthen leg false hem $43 
Lengthen legs false hem and cuffed $48 
Take in/out waist $38 
Take out pleats $ 68 
Take in/out waist, seat and fork $48 
Take in/out fork only $32 
Diamond piece $38 
Saddle $43 
Fusing in fork, Fork repair inc saddle $68 
Side seams to knee $28 
Side seams to hem $33
Taper knee down (each seam) $43 
Make belt loops ($9 each) 
Re-cap pockets $28 
Zip replacement (incl.Zip) $33 
Cotton tape seat seam $19 
Cotton tape hem and shorten $32 
Bracer buttons (sew on) $15 
Bracer buttons (supply) $25 
Lower waist band (back only) $38 
Lower waist band (front and back) $63


Shorten shorts $20 
Shorten shorts with vents $28 
Cotton tape seat seam $18 
Cotton tape hem $32 
Cut ,sew and Cotton tape hem $35 
Re-line half $99 
Re-line back and front to knee $118 
Re-line back and front to hem $128


Shorten leg $21 
Shorten leg with 
"Original Feature Return" on/off  $32 

Take in Waist and seat $68 
Waist, seat and fork $73 
Taper seams plain (each leg) $23 
Taper seams topstitched (each leg) $32 
Zip replacement (in. zip) $38


Cut and invisible Hemming (handwork) $48 
Cut and machine hem $28 
Cut and bind hem $59 
Take in/out waist with waistband $38 
Zip replacement (incl.zip) $38 

Hook and bar $23 
Hook and eye $23 
Replace waistband $48 
Re-lining (short)skirt $42 
Re-lining (knee-length)skirt $52 
Re-lining (Maxi) skirt $62


Shorten sleeves move placket $48 
Shorten short sleeves/cuff $33 
Swap cuffs $53 
Make into single cuff $47 
Turn collar $35 
Button holes (each) $12
Button down collar $22 
Make cuffs $63 
Swap collars $63 
Grandpa collars $63 
Move pockets (each) $32 
Make pockets (each) $22 
Side seams to armhole plain $34 
Side seams to armhole topstitched $47 
Side seams taper down arm plain $28 Side seams taper down arm t/stitched $38 
Slimline shirt with 2x Darts $22 
Cut and sew hem 2 x rows stitching $26 
Vents (extra) $23 
Reduce shoulders $62 
Shorten sleeves (Ralph Lauren) $32


Shorten sleeves (no button) $32 
Shorten sleeves with button $52 
Shorten sleeves with b/holes $63 
Lengthen sleeves (Extra) $23 
Shorten length of jacket $52 
Side seams $22 
Side seams into armholes $55 
Side seams into shoulders $56 
Seams with vents (extra each) $22 
Centre back seam $48 
Reduce shoulder including s/seam $112 
Nip in neck $92 
Square shoulders $32 
Pads reset (each) $32 
Pads replace (each) $52

Move buttons (each) $12 
Shorten collar $48     
Close pockets (2) $42 
Shape and put pocket on $48     
Close vents (each) $42


Cut and Invisible hem (handwork) $48 
Cut and Machine hem $29 
Cut and Cotton bind hem $59 
Sleeve machine/roll hem $28 
Shorten sleeve with binding $38 
Lengthen sleeve machine $38 
Lengthen sleeve with binding $48 
Zip replacement (incl. zip) $43 
Relining (short) dress $52 
Relining (knee-length) dress $62 
Relining (Maxi) dress $72 
Take in the waist $32 
Slim line side seam of dress (armhole to hem)$38 
Reduce armhole and sleeve $48 
Darting for dress $15 (per Dart)

Important Notes: All prices for alterations are indicative only. Before any alterations are undertaken, you will be be quoted accurately, prices vary between garments. These prices apply to menswear and womenswear. WBMS Bridal Management reserves the right to change prices on this menu at any time without notice. All Prices are for labour only. Materials incur separate charges.