What is Garment Preservation?
Do you have a garment that you love or a family heirloom (haberdashery) that you can't bear to part with? WBMS can help you fix and/or update your beloved items with the view to prolonging the enjoyment of your heirloom.

Do you have a vintage gown or your mother's original gown you wish to customise for your own wedding?
WBMS has over one decade of experience in couture design and creation. We can customise your gown while preserving the original integrity of your family heirloom. Our superior technique and workmanship will ensure your finished garment satisfies both your aesthetic vision and stands the test of time. 


Dominica (Real Bride)'s TestimonialHelen Constance and Roderick Ng created my dream dress from my mum's own beautiful dress. With their efforts, we have created a tradition that will be treasured by generations to come. Click to read more Testimonials

What is a garment assessment report?
Our clients inform us that good service and high quality workmanship in fashion couture and garment production in Australia is difficult to find.
Have you bought a gown that is not fit for purpose? Getting married this weekend and the gown doesn't fit or the workmanship is questionable?
We are sorry that you have encountered this experience. To assure you, you are not alone, every day WBMS gets phone calls, emails and clients informing us that they have been let down and their gowns arrived in the post not fit for purpose. Or that you spent a fortune at a reputable outlet only to scolded when you question the retailer's quality.

Do you need an independent report written up by a professional couture expert on the quality of your garment? Contact WBMS now for an independent assessment of your garment, Tel: 02-95578042 E: info@masterslave.com.au