How does ordering a bridal gown in store work?
We have devised a six stages process that will explain the procedures involved in your bridal gown order. Lets call it, the “6D’s Of Your Bridal Gown Order”.
You can expect the following six stages to occur in this particular order. These stages include - Discussion, Decision, Deposit, Design, Detail, Delivery.
Discussion - We start with a friendly chat. Topics we will be chatting about may include your inspiration, theme, location of your wedding, your likes and dislike, wants and needs, functional concerns, timeline and budget. This stage helps us understand more about you and your needs. This will come in handy when we are assisting you in your bridal gown choice and design. This stage will also put everything on the table for you to give you a clearer picture of what is possible and what is not. A detailed discussion will be followed by gown trials.After you have tried on a variety of bridal gowns, we will clarify all the elements involved in your bridal dress order and answer your questions.
Decision – Next stage, its time for you to make a decision on your bridal gown. If you have questions and concerns about your bridal dress order, you can take a step back to the previous stage and discuss with us about what your needs and wants are. This iterative step will help lead you to your final decision and commitment on your bridal gown design and order. A contract will be presented to you after you have made a decision on your gown design and order.
Deposit –  Upon signing the contract, a deposit of 60% is required at this stage to solidify your bridal dress order. This demonstrates commitment on your part. The deposit enables you to move to the next stage, such as fabric purchase and begin the process of planning and making your bridal dress. You can pay the rest of the balance for your bridal gown on time.
Design – After a deposit has been made. We then begin the design process. We will take your measurements and commence order. You can relax knowing all the hard work has been done on your part. We will purchase the fabric for your gown, make and cut the patterns, then sew and trim your gown. If you have ordered a custom made gown, you may be required to begin fitting process. Appointment dates and time for fittings will be negotiated between you and our designer. Within reason we are happy to be flexible and fit you in for an appointment to fit your lifestyle and professional needs. At these fittings, a cotton calico will be prepared and presented to you. Using the calico toile (sample), we go through an iterative process of cutting and sewing to get the fit and styling you desire on this sample. You will be consulted on the design details such as neckline depth, fit of the gown and hem length. Once all iterations have been updated on the calico toiles, we are ready to cut your bridal gown patterns on the main fabrics. During the design stage we will also take photos of you during fittings to document changes required. This saves you time, from coming in for fitting unnecessarily. We will then proceed to cut and sew up the gown. 
Detail –  After your gown has been sewn up, We use this stage to work out the finishings, quality check and details of the gown with you before delivery. Any alterations and adjustments required such as neckline, fit and hem length will be determined here. It is not unusual for brides to lose weight close to her wedding, we have anticipated this and at this stage we will work out the details with you. You will have ample opportunity to provide feedback on any changes you require. We will go back to the design phase and complete these adjustments. We will work with you between the detail stage and design stage to iron out all details of your gown. This ensures you are perfectly happy before we move on to the final stage of delivery.
Delivery – A final fitting with you and your gown will be required. At this stage you will have an opportunity to do a dress rehearsal with us and inspect the quality, fit and workmanship on your gown. Final payment must be completed before final fitting and gown pick up. At this stage you can put your mind at ease knowing everything is absolutely to your satisfaction before you leave our premise with your dream gown and walk down the aisle!