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Polly Porter Thanks Weddings by Master/slave for Wedding Fashions.

Polly & Waz - Just Married!

Image: Polly & Waz, The Block, Channel Nine: (Image sourced from the Daily telegraph. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/mental-anguish-for-block-contestants/story-fn6b3v4f-1226081887749 , We do not own the copy right to this photo.

Its not everyday, a pair of good looking tv personalities get married. Imagine the excitement at the Master/slave couture boutique (Double Bay) when Polly Porter walts into our humble boutique with her entourage of family and friends with a wedding to plan! Well known for her work on The Block and Celebrity Apprentice (Channel Nine, Australia), the underlaying task to plan her wedding brings on a new challenge for 2013. 

Weddings by Master/slave's gallery of bridemaids dresses were lucky enough to have caught the eye of Polly Porter. After a swift appointment booking, Polly and her gang soon visited Master/slave at our Double Bay Boutique. After numerous fittings and gown trials, It was decided that Polly and the gang had fallen in love with the grey drape gown with contrast coloured rosettes. One thing let to another, a wonderful year of planning involved a few other additions to the bridal fashion mission. Designer to the stars Helen Constance and Roderick Ng is no stranger to designing the celebrity wedding fashion. In August 2009 Helen Constance and Roderick Ng from Master/slave designed Julie Egan's bridal gown and head wear when she married singer/songwriter Guy Sebastian.

Weddings by Master/slave was commissioned to design and hand made Polly Porter's bridemaids, her mother's beautiful colourful printed dress, the signature veil and hand made flower girls dresses, headwears and page boy's outfit. Polly and Amanda has also bought a few designer fashion dresses from Master/slave for everyday wear and special occasions.

Image Above: Polly & Waz (Celebrity apprentice/ The Block) thanks Weddings by Master/slave on Facebook fan page.

The Porter's family has been fantastic. They are sweet and genuine, A family coordinate of radiant sunshine and positive force.Helen and Roderick has been overwhelmed with gratitude to have worked with this beautiful family. They have been immensely generous with their friendship and as a bride, Polly was a breeze to work with. The designers at Master/slave wishes to thank Polly and the Porter family for their immense support, and special mention goes out to Amanda Porter, Polly's mother for being an incredible mum and a leader in style.

Left to right: All smiles, Katie & Polly Porter, Sisters and best friends on Polly's Wedding Day. Katie is wearing Weddings by Master/slave's rosette dress in grey, with black and grey hand made rosettes.

Image: At the church,Polly & Waz's wedding, Bridesmaids: wearing Weddings by Master/slave, rosette dress in grey, with black and grey hand made rosettes.

Image: Eleni Kondos with Polly Porter's Family after a dress fitting.

Image: Families and friends, Flower Girls Sarah and Ava wearing Weddings by Master/slave Dress and Floral Headwear.